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5 criteria for choosing bridesmaid dresses

October 15 2014, 10:44am

Sisters often do the work as bridesmaids, really is not a simple matter. In addition to the work of the bridesmaids need to learn etiquette, the most important is the selection of bridesmaid dresses ! A highlight of the bridesmaid dresses as important and full of glory that will be a lot of extra points for the wedding. First, we share with you for the good girlfriends do bridesmaid five major criteria it!

1. Bridesmaid dress colors can not be too fancy

Without a unified group bridesmaid bridesmaid dress, then choose the dress on to unify the style, such as whether the mosaic crystal rhinestones? Whether with color and pattern? Do not bridesmaids in a group is too simple, or too ornate, consistent with the sisters try to discuss bridesmaids groups, maintaining the style of bridesmaid dresses harmonization.



2.  The length of the bridesmaid dress should be suitable

Bridesmaid in the wedding occasions bear important responsibilities, dresses need to have enough comfort and flexibility can, if you choose a short dress as a bridesmaid dress, be sure not to choose short styles oh. Appropriate skirt length is not only respect for the protagonists, but also to flexible and comfortable at the event.

3. Let the bridesmaids try the rented dresses personally

Master in order to save costs, often choose to hire cheap bridesmaid dresses online, then be sure to ask bridesmaids to personally try. Because numbers are often rented dress incomplete or non-standard dress, if you have the case tried to modify inappropriate timely take.

4. Daily wear dresses can also act as a bridesmaid dress

If your bridesmaids only one, can ask her to choose the most appropriate day to do bridesmaid dress fitted dress skirts, their clothing always makes the most reassuring most comfortable. Of course, remember not to conflict with the bride dress colors Oh!

5. Pay attention to the ambience when choosing bridesmaid dresses

If the wedding is held at the luxury hotel, the couple is more mature temperament type who dress the best choice for long section dignified type, silk and satin are a good choice. If the couple is young and lively type, romantic wedding scene is relaxed outdoors, a short skirt gauze dress is the most appropriate choice it!

For more smart tips of how to choose bridesmaid dresses, check here: http://www.brides.com/blogs/aisle-say/2014/07/bridesmaid-dress-shopping-tips.html

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