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Trendy ideas for bridesmaids dresses

September 27 2014, 09:24am

Recently, two people asked me ideas for bridesmaids dress without it being too kitsch and spare them the same dress that will make them sad all day roving one, yawning over the other. They share some of the glory of the bride, it's his crew of super friends, we need to see them! So this is not the time to look pie (especially if they are single it's time to cop the cousin of the groom) they want you for years. Those are my two favorite tracks.

1 - A thematic - more dresses

I fell off in front of this small group of honor on the site of Jonas Peterson ladies. The bride bought several types of tissues in the same unit or the same range of color she has split from her bridesmaids, making them each choose a cut of bridesmaid dress. The result is awesome! We must stick to it but it's worth it right?

2 - Accessories that are fly

Alternatively, you can leave them free to wear their favorite dress, perhaps by setting a single theme such bright colors for example, everyone in a nice colorful dress for example blush pink bridesmaid dresses in her closet :) And to distinguish their offering you an accessory. I found really cool sunglasses of honor and bridesmaids Tiffany found suuuuper classes borsalinos the colorful ones of Charlotte. And you what do you have planned for your bridesmaids? It matters! Want to have more ideas about how to dress your girls ? Check here: http://www.stylemotivation.com/28-amazing-ideas-for-bridesmaids-dresses/

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